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Jiří Kolář


  vladimír boudník

I was born on March 17, 1924, in Prague. My father died three years after my birth, and until the age of eight I was raised by my grandmother near Olomouc in Moravia. When my mother remarried, she sent for me to join her in Prague. After nine years of elementary and secondary school I went to vocational school to learn to be a toolmaker, then I was accepted to the Technical College. I did not finish because I was brought to Nazi Germany as forced labor. After liberation, I studied at the State School of Graphic Arts, 1945–49, under Prof. R. Beneš. In 1949, autumn, I went through compulsory basic military training, and in 1950 I took a position as a graphic designer in the publicity department at the Kovoslužba Enterprise head office. In June 1950, I volunteered for a six-month work brigade at the steel mill in Kladno. When that ended, I continued to work as a graphic artist and print manager. I quit my position with the enterprise in November 1952 and found work at the Central Bohemia machine works. I worked two years operating a lathe and three years as a technical drafter. Outside of work my time was devoted to making drawings for the factory magazine and to organizing exhibitions in the factory, which included popular creative work.

I am submitting an application to the Union of Czechoslovak Fine Artists at this time because I have recently finished with a period of pure experimentation and would very much like to pursue more coherent work and establish closer ties to official artistic circles.

Boudník's handwritten résumé, 1956–57

Postscript: Boudník died of self-strangulation on December 5, 1968.


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The Tender Barbarian

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