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Twisted Spoon Press

PO Box 21 - Preslova 12, 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic


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Twisted Spoon Press
P.O. Box 21
Preslova 12
150 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic

registered address:
Twisted Spoon Press s.r.o.
Jeseniova 1151/55
130 00 Prague 3

CIN: 11872152
TIN: CZ11872152

Listed in the commercial register at
the Municipal Court in Prague, Dept. C,
under entry No. 355683


Twisted Spoon Press is an independent publisher based in Prague. Founded in 1992, it is focused on translating into English a variety of writing from Central & Eastern Europe and making it available to a global readership. Our list includes some internationally recognized names as well as authors who are having their work published in English for the first time. Equal emphasis is placed on introducing both new works from contemporary writers and work from an earlier period that has been neglected in translation. We offer an eclectic and unique selection of literature from the region, often illustrated by local artists, and always well designed and produced.

Please send requests for a review and/or desk copy and permissions, or any other inquiry to twistedspoonpress@gmail.com.

"I know myself only as rapture, reptilian motion: blood, blood, blood. My hands, leaden spoons, twist and melt."

— Louis Aragon

"Everything has a use other than the one generally attributed to it. It is even out of the conscious sacrifice of their primary usage (to manipulate an object for the first time not knowing what is or was its use) that certain transcendent properties can be deduced, properties that belong to another possible world where, for example, an axe can be taken for a sunset, where the virtual elements are not even admissible, ... where the migratory instinct usually attributed to birds encompasses autumn leaves, where former lives, actual lives, future lives melt together into a single life ..."

— André Breton

"Twisted Spoon Press will be an influential step in re-establishing an international literary tradition in Prague absent for some 50 years."

Central European Business Weekly

"In the hunt for the sensational sellers, the original and unique is forgotten, in short, what is even today the life-blood of literature: the independently creative artist and the independently publishing publisher, who sees it as his noblest task to discover works of value and publish them ... Such is the Prague-based English-language publisher Twisted Spoon Press."

Weekendavisen, Copenhagen

"Based in Prague, Twisted Spoon Press has a dual purpose: not only to bring lost Czech literature to light, but also to translate it into English, giving it a wider audience both outside and within their native country."

Rain Taxi


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