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Time Is a Mid-Night Scream

Czech writing

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  time is a mid-night scream

by Pavel Z.

translated from the Czech by Marek Tomin

Musician, artist and poet, Pavel Z. was one of the leading figures of the Czech underground that operated outside the official culture imposed by the former communist regime. The trial that sent him and several others associated with the experimental rock group the Plastic People of the Universe to prison for their activities gave rise to the human rights declaration Charter 77. Later exiled, Pavel Z. first lived in Sweden and then in New York City, eventually resettling in Prague in the mid-1990s. Time Is a Mid-Night Scream is his poetic testimony of this period, a time of transformation for both himself and his city.

Time Is a Mid-Night Scream


What others say:

The book is a speculative journey across a decade that found the exile returning home to a place that had changed beyond measure; the feeling of placelessness lingers throughout, even when specific places are named — they don't seem to exist outside the universe presented on the page. [...] If you had to give this placelessness a name, it would be the alcohol-burned nighttime haze of Bohemia, a faint neon glow emerging somewhere from behind a thick cloud of cigarette smoke.

— Travis Jeppesen (author of Disorientations)


ISBN: 9788086264264
96 pp.
14.5 x 20.5 cm
2 b&w illustrations
softcover with flaps

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